1. Collection and use of data in the context of our contact and opinion pages  |  2. Collection and use of data in the context of our online shop  |  3. Other uses we make of your data  |  4. Transfer of your information to third parties  |  5. Cookies  |  6. Publicly available information  |  7. Period during which your personal data is stored and used  |  8. Information about your personal details, updating and deletion  |  9. Changes to these data protection guidelines


1. Collection and use of data in the context of our contact and opinion pages

Our website also functions as an information platform on which we are able to present ourselves, hear your views about our exhibition, and answer your questions. In order to personalise our contact with you, you can if you wish give us your name, address and e-mail address. However, you can of course also receive information without disclosing your personal details. If you would like to tell us what you think about our exhibition via our website, we will store the information and your personal details in order to create visitor statistics and collect opinions.

Our web server continues to collect information which is automatically sent by the web browser program used by you. This includes

  • the name of your internet service provider,

  • the address of the website from which you are visiting us,

  • the date and duration of your visit.

We save this information and use it to create anonymous user statistics which enable us to see how the websites are being used and to design these to meet needs and target group requirements.


2. Collection and use of data in the context of our online shop

We also aim to enable you to purchase products relating to our exhibition in our online shop. We collect, process and use your personal details in this context with the aim of ensuring a user-friendly, efficient and secure purchasing.


3. Other uses we make of your data

We save and use the data we collect about you to enable you to make the greatest possible use of our website. Specifically this includes:

  • Developing and providing new offers on the website which are optimally tailored to our visitors.

  • Answering your questions about our work, the exhibition or our articles

  • Planning and implementing information campaigns via our website as well as providing information about changes or new features on our website, or relating to the exhibition, to our visitors directly by email, telephone or fax if they have explicitly agreed to receive information by such channels.


4. Transfer of your information to third parties

We are obliged by law to disclose your data to prosecuting authorities or courts in the context of criminal proceedings. This ensures that the potential misuse of data is detected in good time and damage to other users cleared up or even prevented. Your personal details will not be passed on to third parties in any other context.


5. Cookies

We use “session based cookies” to facilitate your use of our online shop (and in particular of the shopping basket and the evaluation of order data). “Session based cookies” are small information units which are used for connection and control purposes and which are only stored in your computer memory. This means that the cookies no longer exist on your computer once you close down your browser. This means that we do not use cookies to permanently store address data or the number of times you visit or place orders on our website. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically.
Cookies do not necessarily contain or disclose personal information. However, if you enter personal information on this website, this can be linked with the information stored in the cookies. Operators of other websites are not however able to access these files.
You can if you wish completely deactivate the use of cookies in the settings of your web browser. However, it is possible that certain areas of our website may no longer work properly if you set your browser to reject cookies or similar mechanisms.


6. Publicly available information

If bulletin boards or newsgroups are offered now or in the future, we will store data published by you in this context. Information of this kind will only be used in accordance with these data protection guidelines however. Please note that we are not responsible for the use made by third parties of information published in these areas.


7. Period during which your personal data is stored and used

We will only store your data for as long as necessary in order to fulfil the objectives outlined in these data protection guidelines.


8. Information about your personal details, updating and deletion

You can contact us at any time if you wish to inspect, delete or update any personal data which we have collected from you via our website. The same applies if you have more questions about the data we have stored about you or the use it is put to. If you wish your data to be deleted, it will be removed from our systems immediately.


9. Changes to these data protection guidelines

Changes to the contents of these data protection guidelines can be found on this page. We will also store older versions of the data protection guidelines, including their validity periods, to ensure that you are informed at all times about the information we collect and how we use it.
We will also inform you in good time about any changes and enable you to renew your consent to the storage and use of your data.
The information obtained from you will only be used for purposes other than those described in the preceding if you are informed in advance and with your explicit consent.


Last update: April 2004